Our solutions guarantee:


According to IBM, the cost of a data breach in the year 2016 was $4 million dollars. Implementing a cloud security is a more affordable solution for protecting your data without breaking the budget.

Improved Cloud Management

Take control of your cloud environment by restricting access and maintaining your critical virtual assets.

SIEM Monitoring

Identify indicators of compromise (IoC) in real-time and alert on different types of known "suspicious" traffic through the use of rule-sets.

Cloud Troublshooting

Troubleshoot your systems and network to improve system up-time and bandwidth saving you money in the long run.

Data Handling

Keep tabs on where your data is resting so that you can build out security controls to protect these locations.

Measurable Security

Generate searches and reports of the things that your company is curious about: user behavior, account modifications, data transfers, and much more.