Penetration Testing



Penetration Testing, also known as a pen-test, is designed for companies looking to assess vulnerabilities that may exist both internally and externally to their network. Pen-Testing helps you determine where your security posture stands by conducting a variety of activities that would simulate the activity of an adversary.

Our Solutions Guarantee:


According to IBM, the cost of a data breach in the year 2016 was $4 million dollars. Implementing pen-tests is a more affordable solution for protecting your data without breaking the budget.

Weakest Link Identification

Identify which systems are the weakest links and pose the greatest risk for your companies data, while highlighting the controls that are providing the most value when it comes to cyber-defense.

Attack Simulation

Recreate popular methods of entry that the adversaries are taking advantages of with companies that do not see the value in a pen-test.

Improved Controls

Improve your current security control and add new ones based off our recommendations to ensure you are getting the most out of your security program.

Web-Application vs Network Penetration

Assess the security levels of both web-application and network pen-testing to provide your company with an all around security assurance.


Includes a full-detailed report of the weak-points, vulnerabilities utilized, methods of access, and remediation tasks that your company can implement for prevention.