Security Architecture

IT Architecture


Whether you are a small business or a fortunate 500 company, Fentron provides on-site hardware and software services. Our services include server and firewall installations, network-architecture assessments, web-proxy configurations, intrusion detection system placement, end-point protection implementation, and SIEM build-outs. Fentron provides scheduled upkeep and maintenance on its solutions so you are able to focus on your business needs without all the worry.

Some of the popular security implementations of today’s businesses are:

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Logging Architecture

Logs tell the full story.

Does your company have an idea of what normal traffic looks like in your environment? If the answer was “no”, then how will you know if your data is secure? Fentron’s service offering includes assessments, upgrades, and full-scale build outs of log management programs. Our experts ensure that your valuable logs are going to good use and that they are utilized in a way that will keep your company secure. Fentron uses Splunk as its primary platform. Splunk allows for gathering and visualizing activity happening on both internal and external areas of your network. Our solution focuses on forwarding logs to a centralized location that holds critical for identifying security threats. This ensures that your logs are properly correlated and presented in real-time allowing your team to respond to events before they become incidents.

The benefits of a log management platform:

  • Aggregate logs in a centralized location
  • SIEM security monitoring
  • Perform and visualize historical data
  • Baseline network normality