Security Solutions

Risk-Focused, Process-oriented

Fentron offers a wide variety of services dedicated to assessing and evolving your company’s current security capabilities. Our steadfast approach is to understand the controls you are using today, to offer protection against tomorrow. Whether you are a small business interested in adding a layer of protection to your network or a large organization that values quality service at an affordable cost, Fentron has the solutions that works.

NIST Framework

Fentron utilizes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework throughout the delivery of our services:

Identify: Understand client needs and assess current capabilities

Detect: Detect critical system weak-points and associated attack vectors

Protect: Implement containment measures to minimize the spreading of the issue (if necessary)

Respond: Deliver relevant, granular reports for threat-mitigation techniques and security recommendations

Recover: Integrate solutions to maximize business value and continuity

Our services include:

SIEM Monitoring

To truly detect whether a company owned asset has been compromised, you must have some type of log monitoring solution in place. A SIEM is used to monitor logs that are stored in an event collector. The collector is a centralized system that houses data from all company assets for filtration and structuring.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence can be information distributed through forums, email distribution lists, or internal analysis done through a SIEM or similar tool-sets. Ultimately it comes down to understanding what has been scene before and differentiating between the anomalies.

Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive checklist of weaknesses on computers, servers, firewalls, and more. It can help your company identify potential risks, threats, and exposure levels associated with your assets. This can improve your company’s security posture through the development of processes and procedures for handling those vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is the means of protecting a company’s cloud computing model through the use of monitoring, visibility, and anomaly assessment. A cloud security solution is the equivalent of having virtualized Incident Responders, detecting and responding to threats and incidents as they are identified.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as a pen-test, is designed for companies looking to assess vulnerabilities that may exist both internally and externally to their network. Pen-Testing helps you determine where your security posture stands by conducting a variety of activities that would simulate the activity of an adversary.

Security Architecture

Fentron offers both IT and Logging Architecture services to help build a your security program from the ground up. Whether you are looking to add new servers, firewalls, proxies, and endpoint protection or trying to make use of your asset logs, Fentron guarantees fast, quality-driven results that will leave you satisfied and secured.