CISO Advisory Services

Fentron helps their clients better secure themselves against cyber threats and attacks by utilizing a professional with years of experience in cybersecurity in verticals such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

Program Assessment & Compliance

Designing networks and assets so that they are safe from today's threats is not easy. Having guidance to establish the security requirements and policies that safeguard an organization's assets from potential threats does reduce risk and cost for many organizations. Fentron's security architecture services can ensure that security requirements truly reduce cybersecurity risk. We believe in working together as a force multiplier for security programs, accelerating maturity and allowing the security to support and share in the success of the rest of the organization.

Incident Response Preparedness

Companies must deal with many adversaries in their corporate environment, from malicious insiders, script kiddies and even larger international hackers. Trusted by our customers, Fentron’s process development goes beyond compliance to thoroughly understand, react, and protect organizations from the current & potential damage.

Security Implementation & Management

Fentron believes timing is critical when protecting organizations from cybersecurity incidents. Fentron is an expert at maintaining situational awareness through the investigation process and continuously improves using research and the knowledge that its customer base provides.